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As a result of my research on the UFO phenomenon, and having seen some of them on my own, I have come to the conclusions:

  • Yes, extraterrestrial life exists, and some very advanced beings are visiting us.
  • They have been around since a remote past. They are not interested in getting anything from us, as there are abundant resources in many places, and it is easier for them to get them from up there, than to get anything from this complicated planet.
  • Many people believe that ETs make demonstrations to convince us that they are with us. I have found that this is not true. Their demonstrations always leave room for doubt. If they were to do them in such a way that it would be obvious that they are watching us, half of humanity would be greatly affected because of the inner fear we have. They leave room for skeptics to remain like that, so skeptics do not get sick by facing a new reality.
  • We are in a slow process of change, by which, day by day, we will know that we are not alone. We will know the reason for being here, and what we must do to live in harmony. But that takes time. ETs are patient. They are not hurried. If they live around a thousand years, and some much longer, a few decades are only a brief moment for them.
  • As we look at them we see how we may become in the future. All beings in the Universe evolve.
  • Some scientists pretend to look for extraterrestrial life proofs by sending signals into space, when in reality they, the ETs, fly overhead, and they are here. To find extraterrestrial life we don't have to go very far. We ourselves have come from the stars, and we have settled on this planet; we have just forgotten about it. Semjase
  • Many people imagine extraterrestrials as big-headed, gray beings with big dark eyes, and not very nice looking. They are not like that.  Maybe we want to have that image of them because of encounters with some small androids that help human aliens intheir missions, that looks like that. And because we prefer to imagine something unpleasant instead of daring to look inside ourselves and recognize that the worst enemy is inside us, and it is caused by fear and lack of wisdom. Later we will understand that we must face our inner fears which is our biggest enemy.
  • In all the cases of contactees with whom I have spoken, they describe the ETs are very kind and sensitive, and look like humans.
  • Some of them are concerned about the damage we are causing to our planet and to ourselves. They wish to help us, but all they can do is give us advices and help us raise our level of consciousness to solve our problems by ourselves.
  • Other space beings know that we are very primitive and watch us from afar, or perhaps they ignore us. Earth is not the only planet with primitive beings. We are not special.
  • They talk about spiritual matters, not religious ones. This does not please some UFO researchers because they do not want to hear anything about spirituality. And this also shocks some religious people, because it goes against their beliefs. We are not made of matter only, we also have a spiritual component.
  • The day we remember that we have lived many lives, that we are evolving through various human experiences, that day we will know that we are eternal, that mistakes help us to learn, and that there is no evil in the universe, only lack of wisdom. That day we will feel inner peace and we will have truly entered a higher level of consciousness.


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