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Francisco Francisco Villate (alias Rhal Zahi) is an Engineer, UFO investigator, illustrator, painter, and author of several fiction and non-fiction books. This page contains links to his books, documents, investigations, and links to Videos, samples of his Art and Blogs of his authorship.

In the non-fiction field, Francisco has been recognized as one of the contemporary UFO researchers, following scientific standards in analyzing UFO photos and films. He has personally interviewed and met several contactees who claim to have had encounters with space beings, demonstrating that the appearance of these star travelers is human, in most cases. One of the important findings he has made is the description of a plan of “gradual management of the change” towards humanity by these beings that travel through space, indicating that it is not in their interest to convince us categorically of their presence, but that little by little we are understanding this reality and how the universe works. To this end, space beings, when making their demonstrations or appearances, have always left room for doubt, so that those who are not prepared to accept their presence near us, have an escape door and conclude that the evidence is false. Those who, however, analyze the evidence in detail, may find clues that lead them to discover that They Are Here, as one of his books is called.

In the field of fiction, Francisco has written Science Fiction books, such as Mission Blue Planet, or The Third Evacuation, always seeking to present the key messages that extraterrestrials have been giving us, which he has found through his UFO investigations.

Francisco is currently writing more books and scripts for Comics on these topics.

Interview as a writer

Interview as UFO investigator (Spanish only)


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